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    Please, make that favor

    I want to discuss about Marxism. Please, make that favor. Let me know why you still defend Marxism.
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    Trump's impeachment

    As an observer from another country, I ask you: shouldn't you rebel and get out of power that ignorant coal-lover, capitalist buffoon?
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    Discussion forum?

    Is this a discussion forum? I don't see much discussion. I want to discuss about Marxism. I say that it doesn't matter in the real world.
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    I think it is funny

    I think it is funny that most people you quote are scientists or intellectuals. Why then insisting in that utopia (or dystopia) of a government of the workers?
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    A wisemen government

    Hi. I'm new here. y name is Juan Diego and I am a Venezuelan and Spanish physician. I agree with you that capitalism is destroying the world and that we must change the whole system. I consider myself a socialist, but not a Marxist. I think that Marxism has many faults. I don't want a...