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  1. David J

    Blow Up A Pipeline

    When it comes to tactical innovation, the global climate justice movement has been stuck in a rut. Prior to Covid, we witnessed decades of one-off marches and rallies, scattered direct actions (the Blockadia celebrated by Naomi Klein) and the more recent intervention by Extinction Rebellion (XR)...
  2. David J

    Green New Deal and Ecosocialists: How To Proceed?

    The GND resolution now proposed By Ocassio-Cortez and Markey has very quickly pushed open the "Overton window", that fraught and tension filled discursive space where new information is presented and opinions changed. Many sense a breeze coming through, freshing a stale and stuffy status quo...
  3. David J

    Hegemonic Blindspot

    An essay on the Jacobin website titled Hegemony Now by Nicole M Aschoff ( Jan.12) argues that liberal democracy and the neoliberal consensus are losing their legitimacy (among a lower strata of workers) and the time is ripe to form a new, dominant, hegemonic narrative. She points to festering...