climate change

  1. Sandra Lindberg

    Strategy Thoughts

    Hello, all: David Klein asked if I would post here some thoughts I have been sharing on an SCNCC listserve. Below are a series of posts, some from me and some from H. Ehrman, on the topic of organizing strategy. I was responding to an excellent review by David Klein about the limits of green...
  2. D

    San Francisco East Bay's Future Climate

    The East Bay's Future Climate Will Be Both Dry and Wet | East Bay Express The East Bay's Future Climate Will Be Both Dry and Wet Think Los Angeles — only with parts of it underwater.
  3. Sandra Lindberg

    Review of 2nd Edition of Salleh's Book

    I have a review of Salleh's Ecofeminism as Politics in Against the Current. Hope you check it out :) "Embodied Materialism" and Ecosocialism, by Sandra Lindberg "Embodied Materialism" and Ecosocialism | Solidarity From the review: Salleh’s concept of a greatly enlarged and united class of...
  4. K

    China’s Drivers and Planetary Ecological Collapse

    The following is a new essay by Richard Smith that appeared in the Real-World Economics Review issue, 82. The essay summarizes the main argument in his forthcoming book (Verso, 2018). Here is the Abstract of the essay Abstract: Can China lead the fight against climate change? If not, why not...
  5. Sandra Lindberg

    "Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry"

    In These Times ran an article called "Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry" by Carla Skandier, Research Associate with the Next System Project. My take on this? Rather than US citizens and their tax dollars paying fossil fuel companies with subsidies, we could essentially pay ourselves: buy out...
  6. Sandra Lindberg

    CO farming couple combine sheep and fruit trees

    Organic farming couple fighting climate change by combining sheep farming and fruit orchards in CO: "When I caught up with Topp recently, he had just returned home from a lobbying trip to Washington where he had spoken to Congressional aides about the importance of crop insurance, beginning...
  7. Brad H

    Climate change refugee cases rejected

    I think this article points to important issues concerning one of the largest climate impacts for populations do to extreme weather and biospheric system changes. The article says that climate refugees are not protected or "do not risk being persecuted" under the Refugee Convention. So people...
  8. Ted F

    Interior Department Scrubs Climate Change From Its Strategic Plan

    Exclusive: The Interior Department Scrubs Climate Change From Its Strategic Plan A leaked draft of a five-year plan reveals how the DOI will prioritize “energy dominance” over conservation. By Adam Federman (10/25/17) A wildfire engulfs parts of Yellowstone National Park in 2013. (Mike...
  9. Sandra Lindberg

    Why Paul Hawken's Drawdown offers no help for climate change--especially for women and girls

    This post is in response to a member of this list who asked us to consider Hawken's book. Over half of the planet's human population is female. Paul Hawken's Drawdown (New York: Penguin, 2017), purportedly designed to offer "the most comprehensive plan" to address climate change, offers just...
  10. Sandra Lindberg

    Embodied Materialism and Women Who Sequester CO2, in Addition to Other Tasks

    Women all over the globe work daily to restore and enrich ecosystems, grow food, and cope with the devastation patriarchal capitalism has foisted on us all. While scientists who receive public platforms debate how dire our situation may be, women in most parts of the world keep feeding people...
  11. Sandra Lindberg

    Women Face the Worst of Climate Change

    If you think about it, mainstream media continues to perpetuate the notion that women are helpless victims--even during hurricanes. Coverage has included innumerable photos of women carried to safety. I have yet to see an image of a woman rescuing someone else. This article unpacks some of that...
  12. Robert Caldwell

    From the Gulf Coast to South Asia: solidarity for flooding and rainstorm victims

    from the Steering Committee of Solidarity From the Gulf Coast to South Asia: solidarity for flooding and rainstorm victims! | Solidarity August 31, 2017 Torrential monsoon rains in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal have already taken 1200 lives, and left millions homeless and internally displaced...