1. Sandra Lindberg

    What Is Labor Anyway?

    What Is Labor Anyway? DECEMBER 13, 2017 ~ WATERANDSOMETIMESSTEAM ~ EDIT"WHAT IS LABOR ANYWAY?" What Is Labor Anyway? Unpaid Labor, Labor, Work, Dedication, Care, Skill, Love, Balance, Sustainability Called out of class by the provost on a Monday morning. He lightly puts a hand on my...
  2. D

    LATimes: CA Labor & Climate

    L.A. Times 10/29/2017 Los Angeles Times In state climate change fight, unions flex muscle Lawmakers reckon with labor’s influence over green legislation UNIONS scored a win with a bill that could block state rebates to electric-car makers in labor disputes. (David Butow For The Times) BY...
  3. Ted F

    AFL-CIO Adopts Resolution on Climate, Energy and Union Jobs

    Thanks to Michael Eisenscher for this report: "Adopted at the AFL-CIO Quadrennial Convention in St. Louis: short of what we proposed, and well short of what is needed, but it puts the Federation on record (1) recognizing the threat presented by uncontrolled climate change, (2) acknowledging the...
  4. Ted F

    What the Revival of Socialism in America Means for the Labor Movement

    In These Times, an independent democratic socialist monthly magazine, today published a dialog between Shaun Richman and Bill Fletcher, Jr. that raises the question of how the widespread surge of interest in socialism may impact the future of the Labor Movement. I find very interesting Shaun...
  5. Steve Ongerth

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