nuclear power

  1. G

    Nuclear power, a piece of industry propaganda delivered to you free house by the NY Times [how many $$$ did you get fo, NYT?]

    Opinion Nuclear Power Can Save the World Expanding the technology is the fastest way to slash greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonize the economy. By Joshua S. Goldstein, Staffan A. Qvist and Steven Pinker Drs. Goldstein and Qvist are the authors of “A Bright Future: How Some Countries Have...
  2. Ted F

    Hansen Joins Up With Nuclear Ecomodernist at Bonn COP23

    James Hansen has done great work as a scientist and as an activist willing to put himself and his career on the line. He is, however, now working closely with Michael Shellenberger, founder of the Breakthrough Institute and, recently, founder and president of Environmental Progress, a...
  3. Sandra Lindberg

    2 Reactors Cancelled in SC; What About Your State?; What About Nuclear Waste?

    Here is a happy development. Economic realities have ended plans to complete two South Carolina nuclear reactors. As reported in Progressive Magazine: Goodbye Nuclear Power. Construction of Two of Four Remaining Planned U.S. Plants Just Canceled. Not long ago, Ameren also decided to close the...