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2018 Marxist Center Conference, CO

Sandra Lindberg

This past weekend I attended the Marxist Center's second annual Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. I started the weekend as an observer but have now joined as an independent member. 90 members and another 100 observers spent a day and a half discussing the draft Points of Unity, which was approved by an almost unanimous number on Sunday. I managed to work with delegates to make sure that statements about the relationship between climate change and capitalism are now in the document. I also managed to persuade a delegate to propose that productive and reproductive labor were named in the Points, and the proposed language was approved. Attending, even as an observer, was very much worth the time.

The group of 190 or so was maybe 15% people of color, maybe 25% women, large contingent of LGBTQ and trans folk (many in key leadership positions). The majority were millennials.

25 Marxist, Communist or Socialist groups attended. 20 were or chose to become affiliated. Some folks claimed that this was a first--20 groups all deciding to affiliate in one weekend. You all would know better if that claim is true. But it was pretty energizing.

A lot of these groups are focused on boots on the ground work: tenant's unions, food kitchens, food sovereignty. The organization's theoretical tent is wide and inclusive, though the majority are not interested much in existing party efforts in the US (some do a little of this, but have major focuses elsewhere). I met folks from Nebraska, Wisconsin, other places in Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan. Philly Socialists was a large contingent, and there were many from California.

Check them out on Facebook (you will have to ask to be included as a Facebook page member to see all posts).

Let me know if you want more information :)