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Aerosol cooling effect


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No scientist, I thank you very much for this link. I am eager to learn what climatologists have to say about the research - many questions are open.

quote one:
"For Rosenfeld, this discrepancy might point to an ever deeper and more troubling reality. "If the aerosols indeed cause a greater cooling effect than previously estimated, then the warming effect of the greenhouse gases has also been larger than we thought, enabling greenhouse gas emissions to overcome the cooling effect of aerosols and points to a greater amount of global warming than we previously thought," he shared."

If that would be the case, our fight against coal would still be just as important, but aerosols caused by coal would cool more than climatologists knew...a troubling scenario it would be.

quote two:

"According to Rosenfeld, another hypothesis to explain why Earth is getting warmer even though aerosols have been cooling it down at an even a greater rate is a possible warming effect of aerosols when they lodge in deep clouds, meaning those 10 kilometers or more above the Earth. Israel's Space Agency and France's National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) have teamed up to develop new satellites that will be able to investigate this deep cloud phenomenon, with Professor Rosenfeld as its principal investigator."

Anyway, a big thanks to you, Shanelle. Let us see what other scientists will have to say about the new research.