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Ag Bill Needs to Support Racial Equity

Sandra Lindberg

September '18 brings the expiration of the current agricultural bill. Groups such as the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition have developed demands that would promote racial equity in the farm bill.

Read here about problems with the current rules and how the new ag bill could bring positive changes: Racial Equity in the Farm Bill: Recommendations and Opportunities.

A quote to pique interest:
Beyond the Farm Bill
The farm bill is an excellent vehicle for change because of the substantial and long-lasting policy changes it inherently includes. There are, however, many critical racial equity issues within our food and farm system that are currently not addressed (or cannot be properly addressed) through the farm bill. Below, we include examples of three major racial equity issues currently absent or ill addressed in farm bill debates: justice for farm workers, reparations and support for black farmers, indigenous farm sovereignty.​


Thanks for this, Sandra. Through the NSAC website, I found a member organization in my own city that I didn't know about!

Hard to imagine the "leadership" in Washington getting on board with a farm bill that would bring serious changes, but it's great that we have the NSAC to point out the whole racialized side of our food system as well as organize to fight it.