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Call for Workshops - People’s Climate Summit - Bonn, Germany, November 3-7, 2017

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by Brad H, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Brad H

    Brad H Admin

    Call for Workshops

    People’s Climate Summit

    Bonn, Germany, November 3-7, 2017

    Climate justice needs your contribution!

    /We are looking for contributions to the workshop program of the
    People's Climate Summit /

    In November 2017, thousands of delegates and climate activists from all
    over the world will be traveling to Bonn for the 23rd UN climate change
    conference (COP23). The COP23 Presidency is held by Fiji, an island
    nation that will be strongly affected by climate change. The logistics
    of the conference are being handled by Germany,

    industrial nation and one of the crucial CO2 emitters. Aunique
    opportunity for us to speak out for climate justice!

    One thing is certain: the time window in which global warming can be
    limited to 1.5 degrees is closing fast. To achieve this goal, we need to
    transform our society into one that is based on caring for the planet
    and our fellow humans - rather than on exploitation.

    We will be gathering in Bonn at the People’s Climate Summit
    <https://pcs2017.org/en/> from November 3 to 7 to move our struggles for
    a just and ecological society forward. Three central evening panels are
    planned for the weekend of November 3 to 5; full days of workshops are
    scheduled for November 6 and 7. Our conference will be a place of
    encounter and communication designed to inspire and strengthen our work
    for climate justice.

    For the workshop program, we are looking for contributions focusing on
    realizing social and ecological transformation, such as:


    ecological agriculture and alternative trade mandates, Care
    Revolution and freedom of movement, sustainable transportation,
    renewable energy, solidarity economy, de-growth and Solidarity Cities


    global struggles for climate justice; struggles against
    overexploitation of natural resources and nuclear power


    networking and practical support for climate justice initiatives


    events linking different issues and movements

    We're welcoming creative formats (participatory methods, theater, etc.).
    As of August 15, you can submit your proposal for a workshop on a
    registration form <https://pcs2017.org/en/workshops-en/registration/>.
    The submission deadline is September 17.

    The maximum number of workshops is limited due to space constraints. We
    want to ensure that our conference presents various perspectives. We
    will therefore be taking gender and other orientation points into
    account when selecting the workshops.

    See you in Bonn!

    The organizers of the People’s Climate Summit
  2. FanaticRecycler

    FanaticRecycler New Member

    Sounds interesting! Are all the presentations in English?

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