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Do Renewables Displace Fossil Fuels Under Capitalism?

Discussion in 'Climate Science, Green Tech & Controversies' started by Ted F, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Ted F

    Ted F Admin

    Brian Tokar asked an interesting question in an email thread:

    Unfortunately, Richard York's article is hidden behind a $59 paywall but here's the free teaser which summarizes York's view:

    How does York determine what is added versus what is displaced? Seems to me the devil is in the details. If consumption of a fixed amount of electricity is assumed, all electricity from non-fossil-fuel sources replaces electricity from fossil-fuel sources. That's axiomatic. Only if the increased production of electricity from non-fossil-fuel sources results in increased consumption does York's conclusion make sense. I would think it very difficult to prove a claim that an increase in non-fossil-fuel-generated electricity of given amount will result in an increase in consumption of 90% and not 22% or 48% or 79% of that amount. Since I, and presumably most other forum members, don't have access to York's article, it would be helpful if Brian or someone else can explain whether I'm mistaken as to York's approach.


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