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Earth Strike Protests Build Toward Sept. 27th General Strike On Climate Change

Earth Strike Protests Build Toward Sept. 27th General Strike On Climate Change

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance
January 16, 2019
| Resist!

Earth Strike Protests Build Toward Sept. 27th General Strike On Climate Change | PopularResistance.Org

Above: Earth Strike banner from Twitter. See tweet below. Photo by Ron F.

Climate protests under the label #EarthStrike were held all over the world on January 15. Earth Strike is a grassroots movement that focuses on building toward a general strike to tackle climate change through the strategic withholding of labor. Earth Strike has scheduled protests throughout 2019 to raise awareness for a global general strike, which will begin on September 27.

The worldwide protests are important to spread the message and are an instrument for achieving the broader goal of a worker’s general strike to demand climate action. They describe these protests and strikes not as people pleading for sympathy, but people building and displaying their political power.

Their mission is “Until the world’s governments and businesses are held accountable to the people, we are refusing to participate in the system that fills their pockets. There will be no banking, no offices full of employees, no schools full of children, until our demands are met.”

They put forward three demands for governments throughout the world:
International Demands

  • An immediate start on global cooperation to reverse the damage done to the Earth’s climate, through unambiguous and binding agreements, by both world leaders and corporate entities, following IPCC projections of halving carbon net emissions by 2030 and zero net emissions by 2050.
  • International, unambiguous and binding commitments to halt the destruction of rain forests and other wildlife habitats.
  • International, unambiguous and binding agreements designed to hold corporations accountable for the greenhouse gases they produce.

Earth Strike is a horizontally-led organization. People who agree with the goals and mission of Earth Strike are encouraged to organize protests in their local communities and work toward the September 27 general strike. Earth Strike provides tools and aides to help groups participate on their website.

Below are tweets from some of the protests held on January 16.

Solidarity with @ExtinctionR in London, Parliament Square! Huge thanks to them for working with us. #EarthStrike #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateChange pic.twitter.com/51Th22uvV4
— Earth Strike (@EarthStrikeInt) January 15, 2019

#ConscientiousProtectors on #EarthStrike in London.
Whose planet? Our planet
Whose climate? Our climate
Whose streets? Our streets
Whose future? Our future@EarthStrikeUK@RisingUpUK#ExtinctionRebellion@Strike4Youth#RebelForLife for #ZeroCarbon2025 : Extinction Rebellion | Rebel for Life pic.twitter.com/5Z5LjoSYNd
— Extinction Rebellion (@ExtinctionR) January 15, 2019

Dutch youth calling to politicians: Be the generation that saves us, not sentences us. #EarthStrike Amsterdam. pic.twitter.com/9rJSxh5mSD
— Egbert Born (@EgbertBorn) January 15, 2019

Amsterdam #EarthStrike rocks! pic.twitter.com/41bMYb9rqM
— Egbert Born (@EgbertBorn) January 15, 2019

We are here. #EarthStrike @EarthStrikeInt Springfield, Missouri pic.twitter.com/nOMtmS6PAv
— The Great Filter (@GreatFilterPod) January 15, 2019

First protest going on in the Washington State Capital! #EarthStrike #protest #ClimateChange pic.twitter.com/BjOvA8BDmV
— Earth Strike (@EarthStrikeInt) January 14, 2019

Then closing Shell in #Cambridge. No more #FossilFuels. Extinction? Rebellion! #ExtinctionRebellion #EarthStrike #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency pic.twitter.com/4l3IQK3Fr7
— Monica Hone #ExtinctionRebellion (@MonicaHone) January 15, 2019

Banners are in the process of being put up all over the country! Amazing work! These are pictures of the banners several organizers put up in DC earlier today! #EarthStrike #ExtinctionRebellion pic.twitter.com/nccg1pmOUf
— Earth Strike Appalachia (@EarthStrikeAP) January 15, 2019

#ConscientiousProtectors on #EarthStrike – Parliament Sq, London.#RebelForLife march down the road along Parliament – cheers from #PeoplesVote activists, scattered boos by the far right.@EarthStrikeUK @RisingUpUK#ExtinctionRebellion @ExtinctionR@Strike4Youth #ZeroCarbon2025 pic.twitter.com/PtB6P9VQ7w
— Nik (@dharmicnik) January 15, 2019

The oceans are rising, so are we! Rise up! #EarthStrike Amsterdam pic.twitter.com/6xnIr0gE6W
— Egbert Born (@EgbertBorn) January 15, 2019

Toronto banner drop this morning. #EarthStrike pic.twitter.com/vNFwuF93aA
— Earth Strike – Canada (@EarthStrikeCA) January 15, 2019

Some photos from this morning’s banner drop! We’re gearing up for a year of actions with #EarthStrike – will you join the movement striking for a better world? #riseforclimate #climateaction #indigenousrights #unistoten #thetimeisnow pic.twitter.com/tNVGhx7mZE
— Toronto350.org (@Toronto350) January 15, 2019