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Flying vs. trains and cars, cost and environmental impact.

Opinion: Beyond Erik Solheim's climate hypocrisy

The head of UNEP has stepped down after it was revealed that he spent half a million dollars flying around the planet. But the big disappointment isn't just about oversized CO2 emissions.
Opinion: Beyond Erik Solheim's climate hypocrisy | DW | 21.11.2018

Trains vs. planes: What's the real cost of travel?
Flights often seem to be the fastest and cheapest travel options. That's not so, as DW's data visualizations show. Factoring in transit time and environmental damage, here's how to assess the true costs of travel. (29.08.2018)


To fly or not to fly? The environmental cost of air travel
Though air travel is more popular than ever, the vast majority of people in the world have never been on a plane. As that dynamic slowly changes, the environment stands to suffer. Is flying less the only solution? (10.01.2018)

Climate-friendly air travel - say what?
Air travel is bad for the climate - but it doesn't have to be. Climate-friendly flight routes and renewable jet fuel could make flying in planes way more environmentally friendly - this would just need to be implemented. (05.07.2017)

Environmentally friendly air travel? Electric planes of the future
Flying in planes is bad for the climate. Do we need to give up flying for our environment? Not if electric planes being developed see success. Here's what the futuristic inventions look like. (23.04.2018)

For the love of Earth, stop traveling
By Jack Miles
November 2, 2017

I would agree with you disagreeing/doubting on some views/calculations. The topic is very complex and figuring out external cost objectively is subject to bias. Clear, however, is the fact that air travel as we know it today is very messy; much travel is not necessary, particularly for business meetings. Every bit counts just as like every minute billions of people leave the light on unnecessarily. I live near Atlanta GA; if public transportation were more timely, convenient and accessible I would gladly leave my car at home. But Atlanta is not Munich, where few people use their cars to travel from the suburbs to the city. Gunther

Sandra Lindberg

I can't believe I missed this post. The graphics communicate the comparisons so effectively.

Boy, I wish we had train service in Decatur IL. While the city is a rail hub for industry, people here do not get to ride the trains. We must travel about an hour away to catch an Amtrak train, and because the company is financially strapped and underfunded by the federal government, the trains are often undependable and do not offer many trains per day.

Sandra Lindberg

Forgot to add: our family flies only rarely. We really discuss the reason and the need for air travel before we choose this.

I also think all the travel and the focus on supposedly attractive and exciting sites somewhere else keeps us from really committing to and exploring the places where we live.