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Hegemonic Blindspot

David J

An essay on the Jacobin website titled Hegemony Now by Nicole M Aschoff ( Jan.12) argues that liberal democracy and the neoliberal consensus are losing their legitimacy (among a lower strata of workers) and the time is ripe to form a new, dominant, hegemonic narrative. She points to festering contradictions and the convergence of "triple crises ( economic, social and political)"....and yet not one word about ecological collapse! It is sadly stunning that there could be such oversight, still, on the left Left. The photo fronting the article shows striking teachers at the state capital in California; a wonderful development indeed. But I doubt if many are anti-capitalists or have a radical structural critique. So where is the picture of Extinction Rebellion? Have ecosocialists just not been loud enough?

In terms of crises threatening Capital, I would argue labor unrest pales compared to global warming. Teachers will be mollified with better contracts but their students face a terrifying future. It is time the Left gets its priorities straight when it comes to crisis.