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How to "Watch" A Forum for New Threads or Messages

Ted F

If there's a forum you are particularly interested in, you can "Watch" that forum, and get notified of new activity--new threads or even all new messages. You can also choose whether to receive the notification by email or by having it listed in the alert list accessible when you log in to SCNCC.net.

First go to the forum you want, and click on "Watch Forum" in the upper right.

You can then specify if you want it for just new threads, or for any new message (reply), and whether you want the notification to appear in your alerts list when you visit SCNCC.net or to be sent to your email address.


Then from the Forum tab you can managed your watched forums:

The "Watched Forums" view will let you change settings and remove forums from the list. It also shows the latest activity, so you can use it as a quick view of the forums you are interested in.