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MIT Study: deadly heat waves projected South Asia this century

David Klein

Deadly heat waves could hit South Asia this century

Deadly heat waves could hit South Asia this century

Without action, climate change could devastate a region home to one-fifth of humanity, study finds.

In South Asia, a region of deep poverty where one-fifth of the world’s people live, new research suggests that by the end of this century climate change could lead to summer heat waves with levels of heat and humidity that exceed what humans can survive without protection.

There is still time to avert such severe warming if measures are implemented now to reduce the most dire consequences of global warming. However, under business-as-usual scenarios, without significant reductions in carbon emissions, the study shows these deadly heat waves could begin within as little as a few decades to strike regions of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, including the fertile Indus and Ganges river basins that produce much of the region’s food supply.


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Ted F

Another reminder that our Climate Movement must be internationalist. One reason I am in favor of a major eco left conference to coincide with Jerry Brown's Global Climate Action Summit is the opportunity for North American activists to engage with activists from around the world.