• Welcome to the System Change Not Climate Change Community Forum. The Forum's goal is to promote exchange of information, discussion, and debate among ecosocialists and other activists who share our belief that capitalism is driving climate change and that a radical international grassroots movement can stop it.

Next SCNCC meeting 4.10.19 pm at the Oviatt Freudian Sip


Notes from 3/29/19
Today's Discussion:

March 29, 2019
SCNCC Meeting – Arts 211
Lisa, Mark, Edie, David, Michele, Veronica

Next Meeting April 10 @ 3:30 Library.

Green New Deal
Warriors for Change Update
Plastic Ban Program
LA River Event
Next Meeting

LA River Festival : using the LA river as a means to understand nature.

  • Tree Hugger Workshop: art installation
  • A life affirming action that takes no plastic,
  • Lynn contact at the event
  • Goal: to instill the idea of awareness regarding the planetary emergency
  • “These tree huggers of the LA river are here to remind you that the climate crisis is an extinction level threat”
  • Update from Michele Warriors of Change
  • WofC next meeting = April 8th
    • March 22 – April 22: Screening of film – decide the films to screen and create event around it
    • Earthday tabling
    • Recruiting flyer

  • Recruitment:
    • Redesign flyer
    • Change contact info and add SCNCC link
    • Potential to recruit at The Chatsworth Lake Manor Community Council tabling for awareness.

      -Print SCNCC fliers
      -Invite Warriors of Change to present in classes – Reach out to Erica for outreach in other classes.