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San Francisco and Oakland Sue Oil Giants Over Climate Change

Sandra Lindberg

San Francisco and Oakland are Stating publicly that the cities are in danger because of the fossil fuel companies, San Francisco and Oakland are taking the corporations to court.

My grandfather was a lawyer. He fought in court to keep Swedish farmers on their land in spite of the European depression. He didn't bring a revolution, but actions of men like him prepared the minds of Swedes for the system change they embraced: democratic socialism. Again, how far Sweden has gone to address economic inequality is not what I dream of for this country, but it's definitely better than what we're currently struggling with in the US. These lawyers in San Francisco and Oakland and the city governments are contributing to the US transition.

If you had elected representatives like these people on the west coast, what corporations would you hope they would hold accountable for off-shoring, environmental pollution, income inequality, union busting in your city or town? I could keep listing grievances, but you get the idea.

If in San Francisco and Oakland, why not in other cities?

San Francisco, Oakland Sue Oil Giant Over Climate Change