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There should be a forum for the construction industry

Hello everyone! I just shared a post in the general discussion forum. It's about proposed legislation in Massachusetts that would require "scorecards" for energy efficiency when a house is for sale. This is my line of work and of particular interest to me. SCNCC should have a forum for construction, or perhaps "the built environment." I would definitely follow it. Thank you.

Ted F

I think I know what you're getting at. What we build today will be around for 50+ years; in some cases, many more! To get a new forum off the ground, we would need a moderator who will take some responsibility for posting upon occasion, interacting with newcomers, jumping in to make discussions flow, and dealing with problems like spam or flaming (these have not been very much of a problem on SCNCC.net so far). Would you be interested in moderating such a forum?
Hi Ted,
Yes, in fact, most buildings that people will live and work in 50 years from now have already been built! Tearing them down would have a huge environmental impact as well. A new green economy would have to retrofit these buildings and homes to conserve energy much better.
I could definitely post and engage with folks in the forum. I can't promise to be checking in every day. So long as the traffic is light, I think I can handle it. Would I be responsible for enforcing forum rules? Where can I find them?