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"Who's Afraid of Ideology? Ecofeminist Practices Between Internationalism and Globalism" by Marwa Arsanios, e-flux Journal #93, September 2018

Feminism, USAID, ecofeminism, socialism, ecosocialism: all concepts alive in women's alternative communities in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan. All deeply affected by war and violence. In describing the lives of the women, Arsanios poses the question,
All the projects I have discussed—from the NGOs working within the constraints of the international aid economy to the ecofeminist projects of the autonomous women’s movement—are necessary alternatives. But they can only exist in a more sustainable manner if the question of responsibility is articulated: Who has inflicted the damage?
Another take-away concept from the article:
At a conference on “decolonial practices” held at the Akademie der Kunst in Berlin this summer, Françoise Vergès said:

Women are often put in the position of cleaning and caring for what is broken. There are fifty-three million domestic workers in the world who are cleaning the city for the white middle class … We must think about waste and the production of waste as a capitalist mode of production. Women are now expected to clean and care for what has been broken in the earth, for the damage that has been done to the earth, to the land. But before rushing and doing the naturalized work of “repair” and care, let’s take a moment to think about how it was broken, why it was broken, and by whom.​
Read the whole, powerful article here: Who’s Afraid of Ideology? Ecofeminist Practices Between Internationalism and Globalism - Journal #93 September 2018 - e-flux